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Best Prince Badminton Rackets 2021

Ever wondered which is the best Prince badminton racket for you? Well wonder no more because today you are going to get an answer.

Prince badminton racket

Prince is a well known brand for badminton rackets. It’s not as popular as Yonex rackets but you still get some of the best badminton rackets at a lower price.

They provide a large variety of rackets with a focus on light weight. Prince rackets are slightly more suited towards someone who plays with powerful shots.

Are Prince Badminton Rackets As Good As Yonex?

Prince TTT Warrior Pro Badminton Racket

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The Prince TTT Warrior Pro Badminton Racket was the first one I used for this test. It has a quite good weight of 93g making it lighter than a typical badminton racket.

It’s construction is entirely made of an alloy containing Titanium, Copper and Carbon, providing strength at a lighter weight. It also looks very aesthetically pleasing but that’s all personal to be honest.

The head is wider isometric shape to provide a more powerful shot. There is a bit of complicated physics but a wider frame makes for a more powerful shot by the player.

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The strings are braided making for a very tense and strong netting. The Durazone grip also increases the grip of the racket and improves comfort on the player’s hands, all important aspects of a good racket.

This racket is a great cheap badminton racket. It’s quite light making it easy to perform quick slices. The grip is really good as well being a nice modest size, perfect for most players. The grip is really comfortable, better than most rackets I’ve seen.

For any standard badminton player it’s overall a very nice budget badminton racket that I would recommend. The only drawback is the strings don’t seem to be as strong as I like. It didn’t break when in use but I fear that it will give way to stress easier in the future.

Prince Sovereign Pro Badminton Racket

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The second one I tried out was the Prince Sovereign Pro Badminton Racket. This racket has a weight of 75g when unstrung but it is delivered strung for you. It’s strung with braided prince strings which contribute to the durability and feel of the racket.

The aesthetics were really similar to the rest which is expected as they are all nice badminton rackets. The Isometric head shape increases the area of the sweet spot which can improve some people’s performance.

It also includes a feature unique to prince badminton rackets known as triple threat technology. This is referring to the alloy used in the frame construction which improves the durability and the power in the racket. This technology is customary for prince badminton rackets.

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It also features a Durazorb grip which is really comfortable on the hand. It allows for longer matches and increased accuracy which is always a benefit.

While playing a match with this racket it was noticeably heavier which was slightly annoying for quicker moves but still accomplished what I needed it to do. The grip like I mention was really good so that does make up for the extra weight.

The head shape causes more power to be put into the shots so I had to play a bit more sensitive than I usually do but this can be really good for certain people who like to use smash shots to overpower the opponent.

The strength in this racket is great. It feels really tough and durable with minimal flex in the frame. It’s perfect for someone who really likes to hit hard with their sturdy badminton racket.

Prince TT Thunder Ultralite Badminton Racket

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The next one was the highly proclaimed Prince TT Thunder Ultralite Badminton Racket. This one is slightly longer than the other rackets which I prefer to an extent as it makes your light dabs just slightly stronger. That can be really important when combining crucial footwork with defensive tactics.

The weight is 88g when unstrung which is seemingly heavier than the other ones despite being called “ultralite”. It has an ultra strong triple alloy consisting of Titanium, Carbon and Tungsten which makes the racket extremely durable.

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The aesthetics are similar to other prince badminton rackets but this one for some odd reason appeals to me quite a lot. It’s got the prince standard isometric head shape to enlarge the sweet spot. But this one is slightly unique containing a Prince Y joint which improves your control and stability while playing. Due to the triple threat technology of this racket it also had minimal flex while playing.

While playing with this racket it felt extremely powerful yet light. It was easy to send returns even if the shuttlecock was sent far from you due to the longer body. The racket allowed for some powerful returns and dabs which made prolonged rallies be slightly in your favor.

The grip although was slightly chunky. I don’t really know why it was made this way but didn’t feel like the other rackets. That was the only real critical downside of an an otherwise great racket. I would still highly recommend this racket for any aspiring badminton player.

Prince Deliverance Badminton Racket

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Another awesome badminton racket is the Prince Deliverance. It’s lighter than the other ones being only 93g heavy which can improve your performance due to return speed and the swing velocity which can make your shots more powerful and accurate.

The aesthetics may be more bland than the others but that does not define a racket at all. The head size is a sweet 52 square inches which allows an easily attainable sweet spot on the racket for optimal performance.

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The grip is a special technology called “Technigrip” which is great. It really stays with you the whole game and improves your overall performance. It’s also very comfortable and won’t cause wrist problems in prolonged matches. The frame is ultra durable while being 12mm thick which reduces air resistance and will speed up your slices. Oh and it comes with some complimentary shuttlecocks!

With this racket I felt I had the best performance for my play style. I felt much faster using this racket out of all the light badminton rackets. I could get some really fast returns and easily executed drives which lead up to a kill shot.

It perfectly compliments your footwork as it’s much lighter than the rest. This was an exemplary racket for me.

Prince Max Power 900 Badminton Racket

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This was the final of the prince racket that I picked up and it was the most promising and with the most racket power. The Prince Max Power 900 Badminton Racket instantly got me smiling with its feather weight of 87g which would make you drastically faster.

The balancing is at the head light scale making your wrist movements much more sensitive so less force is needed to make a greater hit which proved beneficial to me.

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The racket has a regular length of 67.5cm a pretty good length for any racket although I prefer it slightly longer. The string pattern is common for the prince badminton rackets being 22 x 23. The head size is similar to the last being 56 square inches so it makes reaching the sweet spot just a tad bit easier. The impressive and comfortable Technigrip shows it’s face again here.

When I was playing with this racket it really was the epitome of my play style. It was really light and sensitive. Exactly like my play style I would dab the shuttlecock with small and precise movements.

The light weight of the racket dramatically sped up my footwork and play making my returns snappy and quick. I wish it was slightly longer due to my defensive play style as it would make it easy to hit those stubborn net shots that get you at the last minute.

Overall this racket was the peak of the review for me and I would highly recommend it.

My Recommendation

For me the Prince Max Power 900 racket was the best and I recommend it. I do advise you to read every review and try to decide which racket suits your play style the most.


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