Best Yonex Women’s Badminton Shoes 2020

If you are looking for new badminton shoes for yourself of for your girl you are at the right place!

With the help of my girlfriend we tested and made a detailed review for the best Yonex badminton shoes for women. We chose a wide variety of shoes as some people may not like a specific color or the material used.

Why Yonex?

Yonex is the top brand for badminton equipment. In exchange for a high price you are given the highest quality equipment that will last a long time and improve your game.

What's So Good About Yonex Badminton Rackets?

What to look for in a badminton shoe?

When you think of badminton shoes what do you think of? Brand? Material? Well it’s all dependent on the functionality. It should allow effective footwork and lightning fast movements for quicker reactions and returns. It shouldn’t hurt your foot because overtime you will suffer from ankle, heel and general foot strain.

The inside is as important as the outside when it comes to badminton shoes. it should be made of a lightweight material that allows brisk movement and at the same time be sufficiently padded to protect the feet from landing shock.

Now my girlfriend will share with you her experience with every shoe.

Learning how to play badminton

Yonex Power Cushion Comfort Z Ladies

The first one we picked up were the Yonex Power Cushion Comfort Z Badminton Shoes.

Immediately the nice aesthetics really shone out to me with a really good blend of colors. These are designed to be used inside badminton courts. It has a PU leather and breathable polyester mesh upper. This prevents athletes foot and reduces sweating providing higher performance in the heat of a long match.

It has a comfortable and ergonomic fit with special Yonex power cushion to provide great suspension and protection to the feet. This improves momentum transfer which gives smoother movements.

These shoes really provide great stability when playing. It has a cushioning EVA mid sole to provide further comfort for the user. For the bottom, a special Hexagrip technology combined with rubber provides great traction on the court floor which improves the player’s footwork and performance.

Game time impressions

When in play these shoes felt like feathers on my feet, they literally don’t exist! I never felt pulled down by them when in play and they do provide good grip and they don’t mark either. I could execute footwork pretty much flawlessly.

You might want to buy one size up though as I think they are 0.5 size smaller than stated but that’s the only criticism about these amazing badminton shoes. The fit is very comfortable and all parts of my foot from toe to ankle felt supported.

The breathable mesh really does help when you compare it to other badminton shoes. I’d be disappointed if any new shoes don’t have it because it keeps you going in the long rallies. The traction allows you to really lunge at the shuttlecock without falling over.

The grip is like instant glue! It allows a fluid motion around the badminton court like you’re water.


I’d highly recommend the Yonex SHB 33LX badminton shoes to anyone.

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YONEX Chaussures femme Eclipsion Z

The second one that looked appealing was the YONEX Chaussures femme Eclipsion Z.

First everyone will see the vivid Navy/Pink colors which gives it a nice overall look. The upper is made of a smooth and durable PU leather to provide elasticity and there is a breathable polyester mesh which provides aeration for the feet. This prevents excessive sweating and also prevents athlete’s foot from developing over prolonged matches.  

The mid sole has some exclusive to Yonex technology. It includes ToughBrid which provides great durability but also gives it extensibility so it can retain it’s ergonomic shape no matter the load applied to it. The power cushion technology also provides your heels with suspension to provide stability and prevent ankle strain over time.

The out sole is made of a tough rubber material which helps with durability and prevent the shoes from wearing out overtime. The rubber also slightly improves your grip, providing even better performance.

The inside has a ergonomic shape adapted to perfectly accompany any foot shape and size. The Hexagrip sole pattern is formulated to provide the best possible traction for your feet. Allowing quick and flawless footwork while playing!

Game time impressions

The shoe itself feels very robust yet light, providing great comfort during play. When jumping I could hardly feel a resistance when landing. Normally I would feel the effect of some heel strain after a long match but this time I felt nothing at all.

These badminton shoes don’t disappoint. I could lunge for the craziest serves or returns that were sent my way. The shoes is also very flexible so it won’t get damaged very easily.


I’d highly recommend that you try these out if you like the colorway, you won’t be disappointed.

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YONEX Aerus 3 Women’s Power Cushion Shoe

Next are the YONEX Aerus 3 Women’s Power Cushion Shoe.

With the power aesthetic and almost futuristic technologies, this is the weapon that will win you a badminton match. It was designed for an indoor court. The upper has a special flexion design, this secures,supports and reduces the shock to the foot.

There is lacing is asymmetrical which adds to the nice aesthetics. Upon that there is a durable skin like material, that prevents lateral movements which dampen your footwork and cause injuries. These Yonex badminton shoes have the whole package. There is a special QuattroFit ergonomic design, reducing wasted space and providing a great control.

The mid sole consists of the iconic Yonex power cushion which improves momentum transfer and suspension to the foot. This provides the best possible performance to the player while protecting them simultaneously. To provide the best footwork they also contain a power graphite plate that provides incredible strength with negligible weight added.

Game time impressions

The Syncro-Fit insole provides the foot with a secure connection with the shoe to prevent slipping and improve suspension on the foot. The out sole consists of the revered Hexagrip technology, formulated to provide optimum grip and suspension to the player. The overall round sole provides better aerodynamics and fluidity when playing while also preventing marks from appearing.

Out of all the women’s badminton shoes that I tried these were definitely the best. They have the most refined ergonomic shape and provide the greatest comfort to the user wearing them. I could execute fluid like footwork and quickly respond to anything returned to me with this ultra light structure.


This specific Yonex shoe had something special about it when compared to the other I reviewed. It seems to have a more fluid and controllable movement when playing. Even that the price tag is higher, in my opinion it’s justified.

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Yonex Power Cushion 65X Ladies Badminton Shoes

The final test is for the Yonex Power Cushion 65X Ladies Badminton Shoes.

This shoe also features a smooth and durable PU leather which provides noticeable elasticity. There is also a polyester mesh that prevents athlete’s foot and makes excessive sweating disappear.

The mid sole is created using special E.V.A material that provides suspension to the foot and protects it. It also increases the durability of the shoes which improves longevity. The Out sole provided is matched up with the latest Hexagrip technology. This provides you with the optimum grip for any high octane match.

The power cushion system reduces shock to the feet and knees when playing. The ergonomic structure inside the shoe made it very comfortable for long rallies.

Game time impressions

When I Was playing I could really feel the strengths of this shoe. Everything felt so light, I could easily produce consistent footwork action with great fluid motion and ease. The power cushion really does shine, I couldn’t feel a thing when I was jumping.


These are great example of badminton shoes without spending too much. I would recommend these if you want high quality shoes without going bankrupt.

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Personal preference

The overall greatest shoe for me is the Yonex SHB 02LX. They have the most fluid and refined motion out of all the shoes I tested.


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