Yonex Nano Speed 6000 Review

Racket TypeYonex Nano Speed 6000
Specs3UG4 ( available in G5 and G6, No 2U for this racket)
StringsBG66 Sharp
Tension28lbs, 1 piece stringing method
GripOriginal Grip
TechnologyHead light, New LSC system
SuitabilityBeginner/Intermediate/Advance. Singles/Doubles racket

First Impression

Initially I had the feeling this racket’s target audience was women because of the color and also because it is not available in 2U. The Paint Job looked nice, in a way it remind me of Wilson Ncode rackets.

Yonex Nano Speed 6000

Warm Ups

I have to get used to the timing of the racket. The frame is designed according to the LSC system which I’m not used to since I use head heavy rackets like ATs.

After adjusting to the weight and flex its easier to get used to. I like the feel of the racket when hitting. Personally I think this racket is good when used with high
tension. The shaft is flexible, which helps to generate power when hitting. Good balance and not much vibration felt.

Game Time Impression

With its Aero Shape frame, this racket is fast and easy to maneuver. I do find it hard to control though. I need to generate extra swing speed for baseline drives when using this racket.

However, I love this racket when it comes to short drives. It is fast and easy to use. Net play wise, this racket comes in handy, the touch and feel is there.

Yonex Nano Speed 6000 Spces

The power generated by this racket in smash shots is not as much as the Yonex Nano Speed 8000, but It is good enough for many people. Personally I would like this racket to be more stiff. Nano Speed’s defense is good, reaction is fast and it is easy to play it the way you want.


I would rate this racket in terms of Feel, Control , Power and Defense. However it is based on my own test and review. It may vary depending on the badminton player, tension and what string you use.

7.9 Total Score

This racket is not suitable for aggressive players. Its more for those who want to take it easy. Overall a good badminton racket for females.

  • Good looks
  • Affordable Price
  • Control
  • Feel
  • A good gift for the women in your life
  • Not that forgiving
  • Lacks power
User Rating: 4 (2 votes)


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