Yonex Nano Speed 9000 Type X Review

Racket TypeYonex Nanospeed 9000 Type X (X actually stand for eXtra Stiff)
StringsYonex BG65 Power ( Supplied )
Tension29lbs, 1 Piece Stringing
GripOriginal Grip
TechnologyNanoscale Technology, Elastic-Ti , Solid Feel Core, Muscle Power
SuitabilityIntermediate/Advance. Singles/Doubles racket

First Impression

Unusual color way. Something that I’ve never seen before. I don’t know weather its beautiful or ugly. But I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover. Will have to see how this racket performs. Its suppose to be head light, but it feel a little heavy on the head.

Warm Ups

I felt the racket rather stiff. Timing on initial shots was a little off as I expected when you try a new racket. To familiarize with the racket as usual the conventional baseline to baseline shots.

Since the string and racket is still new, the crisp feeling is there when I hit the shuttle. Racket performs rather good. The frame is well balance on both 3 and 9 o’clock. Tried to mishit it few times and I found that the racket is rather forgiving.

I Didn’t really feel much vibration. This racket is well developed. Flat drives are relatively good, reaction time is fast. In terms of smash I Didn’t really focus the effort in swing speed to generate the power.

Yonex Nano Speed 9000 Review

Game Time

Familiarization is over. No more off timed shots , but I does has some problem adjusting with the momentum of the game after a long lay-off from badminton with all the eating and celebrating during the Xmas season, even though with the new racket , it does give me some confidence in executing the shots.

The drops are good with pin point precision. Shots control is extremely good when I use this racket especially on the net. The smash power is Solid maybe due to the tension and the string.

But compare to other headlight rackets that I used , this one does pack a lot of power. When comes to defense, the reaction of the racket head is slightly slower , but its still good enough.


Overall I’m satisfied by this NS9000 X type. The combination of the string with the racket does produce good repulsion sound which gives the confidence to the person who uses it.


I would rate this racket in terms of Feel, Control, Power and Defense. However it is based on my own test and review. It may vary depending on the player, tension and what string you use.

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8.8 Total Score

This racket is user friendly and it suits players with different playing style. IMO Type X is worth an investment for your game.

Very Good!
  • Control
  • Power
  • Whipping effect
  • Color
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