Badminton Grip Powder – All You Need to Know

Badminton Grip Powder, most male singles players like Lin Dan, Kento Momota use towel grips. And some good fraction of the male doubles players also uses towel grips.

You must have seen them on TV and with great excitement you try them out but you got utterly disappointed because it simply doesn’t feel right. It seems very dry and burns your hand a bit at the start of a match. Then it becomes too slippery when it gets wet with sweat in the middle of your match. What is wrong? You might be wondering.

Well, a GRIP POWDER is what you need! You must have seen them on TV as well.

What is a grip powder and why do players use it?

As the name suggests, badminton grip powder assists you to properly hold a racket while you play. Chemically speaking, it is Magnesium Carbonate Hemihydrate.

Many top players use towel grips because they like the loose, relaxed feeling of holding a towel grip when they play. However, when it gets wet, the towel grip becomes a little slippery and applying grip powder helps with your hold of the racket.

Lin Dan Racket Grip Powder

Can I use it on a synthetic/rubber grip?

I have a friend who used grip powder on his synthetic racket. He used it in ample amounts. During the match, his racket slipped out of his hand while smashing and he ended up breaking his racket. I guess this answers your question.

Can I use talcum powder/body powder?

Absolutely not. Talc is a lubricating substance by nature. Keep away your racket from talcum powder if you want to avoid yourself from a similar story like the one above.

Can I use flour instead of badminton grip powder?

No, you are not trying to bake a cake on the badminton court.

badminton grip powder in a jar

I have tried using the grip powder on towel grip. It feels so dry and I don’t like the feeling. Why?

Grip powder works best when there is a little bit of sweat/moisture in your hand. The combination of the grip powder and moisture/sweat gives you a loose yet tacky and good hold of your racket.

Kento Momota, one of the most talented players of this generation, always apply sweat from his arm on the racket to get the right feeling. The trick is to get the right feeling for yourself.

Kento Momota Teaches how to grip your racket

I can’t find grip powder anywhere. What is a good alternative that I can use?

You can use the chalk powder that is used in rock climbing/gymnastics/weight lifting. Even though the quality of the material might be a little lower, they are basically the same thing. Just get the rock climbing chalk powder and put in a small bottle and voila, you have your DIY badminton grip powder.

I cannot find any yonex or any rock climbing on the market. What can I do?

Well you don’t need to worry. We have a solution for that as well. You can get classroom black board chalk and put it in a kitchen grinder to powder it. That will get you chalk powder. (Classroom chalk is Magnesium Carbonate. The hydrous part is not there in the chemical substance, but it works just fine).

Please make sure you DO NOT get the dustless chalk sticks, get the old white ones which are dirt cheap and get super dusty.

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