Everything You Need to Know about Badminton Shoes

Yes, you do need badminton shoes and they aren’t the same as your old pair of running shoes sitting out by the door. Badminton shoes have a thinner sole that regular sneakers and even proper running shoes. If you wear your sneakers while playing badminton, then you might end up twisting your ankle because these types of shoes don’t have the stability needed on the badminton court.

Everything You Need to Know about Badminton Shoes

Why buying badminton shoes is important

Getting proper badminton shoes is an investment in your health as well as your game. When choosing a pair of shoes, you need to select the right size.  This is done by making sure that you have a thumb’s width of space between you toes and the end of the shoe.  When you leave yourself this much space you will find that your feet have room to move within the shoe.

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When to buy new badminton shoes

Now, badminton shoes offer a lot of good cushioning for your feet, which is necessary because you are often jumping and landing hard during the game. If you feel pain in your knees or heels when you land, then the cushioning in your soles may be worn out. If this is the case, then it is time to invest in a new pair of shoes, no matter how new your current shoes look. An alternative to buying new shoes may be to purchase new insoles that will cushion your feet, but that will only extend the life of your shoes for a while.

Do you need heel cups

Another thing to consider when buying badminton shoes is also purchasing heel cups. You wear heel cups inside your badminton shoes to help absorb the shock when you land and these heel cups can prolong the life of your shoes. This small investment in the beginning can save you plenty of money in the end.

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How take care of your badminton shoes

When you get your new badminton shoes, keep them for the game only. Don’t wear them out on the street or for any other sport. If you do you will wear them out faster and once the grip is gone they won’t be any good on the badminton court. Also, if you are playing another sport while wearing badminton shoes instead of the proper shoes for that sport, then you might injure yourself.


Ultimately, you are looking to play a great game of badminton and have fun while ensuring that your body is safe.  Your badminton shoes are the most important piece of equipment you have and it is worth it to invest wisely in them.  Otherwise, you might find that you injure yourself and lose playing time while gaining yourself a whole lot of pain.  In the end, it’s just better to get good badminton shoes.

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