How to String a Badminton Racket

People might wonder how a badminton racket gets strung. Some do it by their own hands and some do it using the help of string machines.

How does a badminton racket get strung?

These machines can be bought on the market with an average cost range from $500 to $1000 and these string machines comes with clamps specifically for badminton rackets. The racket is strung according to the pattern of the holes that surround the badminton racket.

Choosing the right string

String selection is also important since it should fit the playing style of the players as well as it should be durable enough so that it won’t easily get broken during the installation process. String machines also help in adjusting the string tensions of each racket since it has a built in feature that can set string tensions.

Moreover, In the process of mounting the racket on the string machine, it is very important that the racket is locked according the machines direction. If it is not mounted properly, the racket may break during the string installation.

To see how the stringing of a racket is done, here is an actual video which I grabbed from YouTube. Enjoy watching and I hope you’ll learn something from it.

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