Patch a Wire Fence with a Badminton Racket

If you have a badminton racket or a tennis racket that is no good to you anymore, it can be used to mend a hole in a wire fence or coop. As long as the racket still has its string you can patch a hole. Here’s how you do it.

How to Do it

Place the head of the racket over the hole where the patch needs to occur. If the racket doesn’t completely cover the hole then it won’t work. If the racket does completely cover the hole move forward to the next step.

Still holding the racket in position over the hole, weave the handle in and out of the neighboring holes, the holes that the wire fence consists of. The racket handle will be sturdier in the vertical position but depending on where the patch job needs to be the racket handle can be placed horizontal. You can decide which way the handle will go at the time that you place the rackets head over the hole to measure if it will be large enough to cover the patch.

Low hole

If the hole is low down on the fence, you may be able to vertically weave the handle through the wire where it will rest on the ground, which will help to support the racket. You might even be able to dig a small hole in the ground for the racket handle to go in for additional support.

old badminton racket

Once you have weaved the rackets handle through the fence wire, secure the handle further by tying a piece of string around the handle and wire. You may need to use several pieces of string to secure the handle. If you have someone to help, ask them to hold the rackets head and handle if need be while you tie the handle to the wire.

What to Do With the Racket’s Head?

When you are done tying the handle you will need to do the same with the rackets head, which to some may be the bulk of the weight although the handle can be weighty as well. You’ll probably need several pieces of string for the head. Tie string at key points all the around the head and make sure that the head is tied to the wire. After you have completed tying the head to the wire, you have completed the patch.

If the racket is attached to the fence horizontally, it may bend the wire or cause the patch to sink the fence down in that one location. A racket attached to the fence vertically where the handle is resting on the ground may also bend the fence although it won’t be as bad. It also has to do with how strong the wire is. A racket is just one way to patch a hole. You can also patch a hole with wire mesh or coop wire.

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