Playing Badminton With a Low Budget

This article is about how to play badminton on a low budget. My family didn’t have a lot of money to be buying games and stuff for the summer time when I was young, so we came up with our own way of playing badminton.

What You Need

First of course you have to buy the cheap badminton rackets and the birdies at your local dollar store. You do not have to buy the net. That is the most expensive part of the Badminton set. What my family and I did to play badminton without a real net is we hung a clothes line from the tree to the shed we have in our yard. It is as simple as that.

No need to go out and pay almost $20 for the badminton set when all you will really have to pay is like $5 at the dollar store for the rackets and birdies. What a great idea for those who do not have the money to spend on summer time fun.

girl holding a badminton raquet

Low Price Badminton Net

Don’t get me wrong, I wish I had a great net to play badminton, but I have to make due with what I got. To be honest it is the better way to go to. Of course you don’t have the net that hangs down to let you know where the boundaries are, but hey, if it goes under the net it is the other person’s points. Same way with the clothes line, if it goes under the clothes line then it is the other person’s point and so on and so on.

I tell you what me and my family have been raised to think of stuff to play without having to buy the things to play them with. It is cheaper and it is more efficient in the long run because a clothes line will last a lot longer than a net will any day.

Badminton At Home

Low Price Badminton Set

So if you are looking for a good Badminton set, look no further than what I just told you to do. I promise you it will not let you down or even disappoint you. Other than the clothes line sagging when you have clothes on it trying to play, but you still have fun with it and that is all that matters.

So the next time you and your family want to buy a badminton set, please consider my idea because it will save you at least $15 plus the gas to go and get it. Plus the hassle of waiting in line at the checkout counter to pay for it.

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