The Badminton Drive Shot

Just like in any other sports, it is very important that a badminton player master some moves that they could definitely look forward to in increasing their chance of winning the game. The Badminton Drive shot is definitely a great technique for a player to create a very nice winning shot.

What is a badminton drive shot

Badminton Drive shots are attack shots that traverse the net totally in a parallel path which can either be played both in a backhand or on the forehand side. These shots are great shots to test your opponents speed as well as his attentiveness during the game.

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When to use the badminton drive shot

Usually, badminton drive shots are commonly used by double players who wants to keep the shuttle near to the ground. Furthermore, a flat and fast drive can also be useful in targeting the shuttle to land behind your opponent. This type of attack may cause a weak return for your opponents.

You can also amend your strategies by attacking the opponent using a slower drive shot which may fall into the front court or mid court area. Again, things will always differ depending on the situation and positions you were in and the position of your opponent.

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How to execute a badminton drive shot

Depending on your preference, mastery and strategy, you can adopt the forehand grip and the backhand grip drives in all your game play. If you want to use a forehand drive technique, your racket foot must be pointing to the sideline. Also you can draw your racket into motion either sidearm or back swing.

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However, in the backhand drive technique, the racket must be parallel to the floor with your palm down. Likewise, move from side to side naturally. Lastly, don’t forget to move back to your base position, otherwise, you’ll be easily tricked by your opponent by throwing drive shots which are far from your current position.

Final thoughts

Badminton drive shots are not easy to execute since they require the right timing and good strategy. However, if you learn to master it then it can easily help you create openings for a winning shot.

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