The Smash Shot in Badminton

While playing badminton, players like me love to see rallies that ends with amazing smash shots.

Smash shots are the best shots in badminton and can definitely help you win the game, if properly done. That’s why on this post, I will discuss how to do it properly so that you can aim to hit it downward to your opponent’s court and makes sure he will not be able hit a return shot.

In a doubles game, smash shots are usually being used throughout the game since players can both back each other up (one hits the smash and the other one waits for the shuttlecock if the opponent is able to return the shot).

For beginners and for refreshers, here are some things that you need to remember if you want to master smash shots.

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How to master smash shots

Proper body positioning

It is very important to implement proper body positioning so that you can maintain balance for it will definitely give you the right disposition to hit your smashes.

The one foot forward (one which has the same side of your hand not holding the racquet) and the other one must be at the back. Remember to put your weight on your back foot so that your shoulder holding the racquet will be pointing towards your opponent.

Proper elbow positioning

In addition, Proper elbow positioning is also important. Thus, it is important that you bend your elbows for about 90 degrees making sure the head of the racquet is positioned behind you. Hold the racquet up for it will keep you ready for perfect smash timing.

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Proper swing through

Moreover, proper swing through is also important for it will determine the force that you exert in making your smashes. For example, once you see the shuttlecock approaching, swing your shoulder on the side (which has the racquet) and jump by transferring your weight to the other foot forward.

Relax your muscles and be attentive

Lastly, relax your muscles and be attentive. Remember to relax your muscles to obtain the speed needed for your smash shots; for relaxed muscles will make you easily move faster. Be attentive and give focus to your speed since it will help you hit back the shuttle to the opponent’s side in full acceleration making it very hard for him to hit the shuttle.

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Final words

These are some things that you need to remember if you want to execute a great smash shot in your game. Also, don’t forget to do your warm up first before playing the game since it will definitely give you body aches if you don’t.

Enjoy playing badminton and Have fun! 

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