Tips on Perfecting Your Badminton Techniques

A fun and healthy activity, many people enjoy playing badminton. Badminton techniques for the game, however, are usually never learned by the casual player. For those who are involved with competitive play, the value of learning these techniques that are used to perfect the game are well known.

The history of badminton

Badminton is a game that originated over 150 years ago in India, according to historians. It was adapted from a popular children’s game played even further back in history in that country along with others, involving the use of a cork with a feather adornment as well as a paddle.

British infantrymen saw the game being played in India in the 1860’s, now as an adult competitive sport, and were so taken with the game that they brought it back to their home country where it soon gained great interest. The year 1877 saw the first documented rules for the game when an organization called the Bath Badminton Club was organized.

badminton in the history

A mere 16 years later, the Badminton Association of England was begun, and in 1899 the debut of the All-England badminton championship was held. The game rapidly grew in popularity; expanding to other countries including the United States. The addition of badminton to the Olympic Games has only served to increase the game’s reputation.

Competitive badminton today

Badminton is well known as a fun backyard activity for children and adults alike. In most instances, the game is simply played by batting the “birdie” back and forth across a net using hand held rackets; no score keeping, no adhering to the prescribed rules of the game and no winners or losers.

Many people are quite serious about the game, however, and not only concentrate on playing the game but also on perfecting their own badminton techniques to become better players. With cash prizes and world honor recognition at stake, it may very well be in the interests of more people to join in the competitive fun.

Spraining your ankle in badminton

The best methods and techniques

Professional coach

One of the best methods of improving your play is to take lessons with a professional player. By doing so, you will not only be receiving the best information about the game but also have the opportunity to pit your skills against that of an expert. Learning techniques while putting them into practice is arguably one of the most effective means of perfecting the skill. Professional instruction can be pricey, and it may be difficult to find someone who offers the lessons.

Video training

In lieu of one on one instruction in person, video training is also an option. Many of the well known professional players have put together video tips and techniques that can help the aspiring beginner to become more proficient in the game. Demonstrating proper movements and strategies that have taken them to the top in their sport, these experts can provide the perfect model after whom the novice player can emulate.

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Imitating and practicing their hitting styles, their stances and even their game mentalities can help anyone to become a more accomplished badminton player. Not only are the instructional videos easy to follow in the comfort of your own home but they are also much less expensive than personal trainers in the sport. The best thing is that once the videos are purchased, they can be viewed over and over again to learn the tips and badminton techniques offered by these professionals.


This summer when setting up the badminton net in the backyard, take a second look at the game. You may find that there is much more to this game than meets the eye, and with just a small investment into videos or personal lessons, you too may be soon swinging the racket with more confidence and skill.

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