Top 7 Badminton Drills – Updated 2021

Badminton Drills are relatively simple practice that any one can handle. It can help players to play better and augment their skills more. Playing games alone with no effort at all is not sufficient. Spending some time and tough work in your badminton training will help you to become a better player.

The Best Badminton Drills

The best badminton drills

These are the top 7 Badminton drills that can help you to improve your playing:

Badminton Drill #1 – Shadow badminton

First to discuss is Shadow badminton. This practice can enhance your movement correctly and give you some techniques in actual hitting of the shuttlecock.

Badminton Drill #2 – Wall Rally

Second is the Wall Rally drill. This practice will develop and improve your footwork and strengthen your arm and wrist muscles while playing.

You can practice it by using an old shuttle cock and hit it against the wall, hit it forward, backward, straight, and diagonal. In this drill you can practice some strokes in hitting the shuttlecock.

Fitness and coordination drills
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Badminton Drill #3 – Multiple Shuttles-Overhead Strokes

Third is the Multiple Shuttles-Overhead Strokes drill, the more shuttle cock you have the more routine you can do. The player will hit 3 or more shuttlecocks into different directions of the back-court.

You will then use around the head to execute the smash, drop shots or backhand and forehand. After each shot return to your base position. This drill will enhance your accuracy and speed in executing the different strokes.

tendonitis in badminton

Badminton Drill #4 – Multiple Shuttles- Net

Fourth is the Multiple Shuttles- Net play drill, in this drill you also need lots of shuttlecocks. The shuttle feeder will throw some shuttlecock to your net area and you will choose whether net shot, a net kill or a net lift with your forehand or backhand, then get back to your basic position after hitting each shot.

This drill will help you improve your net play and movement on the court. Always pay attention on this drill or else this practice won’t be effective.

Badminton Drill #5 – Half court singles

Fifth is the Half court singles drill, it is a drill that can perk up footwork and boost your stamina. It will train you to play more precise shots with strokes too.

How To Play Badminton

Badminton Drill #6 – King Of court

Sixth is the King Of court drill, it can improve you in overall competition. The winner stays on the court as a king until he loses and the other player will take him on. The eventual winner will switch to the side of the court and become the new winner.

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Badminton Drill #7 – Two Versus One

Lastly is the Two Versus One. This drill will improve your fitness and speed around the court, footwork and shot precision. This drill will compose of three players two on one other side and the one to the other side, this game will be very tough and pressure conditions. It will raise your game to become a better player.

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Final thoughts

Indeed, practicing Badminton drills can help you become better on the court. I hope everybody learns a lot from this post!:) Keep playing badminton and again remember the badminton rules so that you can easily play the game in a very professional way.

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